Green aventurine generally hails from India, while other forms of aventurine are found all over the globe. Often used by Indian artisans in the creation of beads and figures, green aventurine is prized for its translucency and beautiful color. The beauty of the stone is supplemented by platy mineral inclusions that give it a striking shimmer. It is considered to be easy to work with as it has a relatively low hardness but good for jewelry because it is not too soft; besides jewelry, green aventurine can be found in monuments and building stones in many places.

Tibetan monks often used green aventurine for the eyes of their idols and would wear the stone in an effort to increase their own sight, both spiritual and physical. The believed calming energy of the stone is thought to allow one to have increased mental and spiritual clarity as well as enhanced imagination. A stone often considered to be especially tied with the earth, it may utilize wood energy to encourage growth and healing. Placing green aventurine in the soil near a plant overnight and holding it in the morning is thought to allow Mother Earth to replace depression and anxiety with clarity and hope. The stone is often placed in areas where growth is desired, like a child’s room or garden, in places where food is consumed and any place in east and southeast areas of one’s house. Green aventurine is also considered to be a stone for people born under the Virgo and Libra zodiac signs and is considered to be the natural birthstone for those born in the heart of spring, although it is not a traditional birthstone.

Prized for its calming qualities, green aventurine is frequently used during meditation activities and is often kept by its users in areas where they are likely to endure high stress in order to alleviate the adverse affects of the tensions of daily life. The energy of green aventurine is considered to be gentle yet still very powerful and is thought to be an excellent aid for anyone on a daily basis. Aside from keeping you calm and relaxed, green aventurine is thought to bring luck and prosperity to its holder and some keep it in their left pocket while undergoing endeavors where they desire extra luck. It may even help to balance male and female energies so as to allow for a more cohesive personal life and work environment. Speaking of the work environment, it is considered to be beneficial for career advancement and prosperity. Generally upheld as a stone to resonate with the heart chakra, this stone is believed to bring excellent balance and clarity to your mind and body. Green aventurine is even believed to aid the heart in a physical manner and may help to stave off heart ailments. In addition to possibly keeping you healthy, green aventurine may assist in regeneration after surgeries and ailments and may assist with fertility issues.