Celestite, also called “celestine,” is a mineral that was named for the delicate blue color it sometimes possess. It is very popular among mineral collectors. It consists of strontium sulfate and is actually the primary source of the element strontium, which is often used in an array of metal alloys as well as in firework displays. In nature, it can occur in fibrous or compact massive forms and is most commonly found in sedimentary rocks. It comes in white, colorless, pale blue, pale green, pink, pale brown and black colorations. Celestite exhibits an orthorhombic crystal system, a brittle tenacity, a hardness of 3-3.5 on the Moh’s scale, a specific gravity of 3.95-3.97, a vitreous and pearly luster, and is transparent to translucent. It is very fragile and its color can fade over time through exposure to sunlight, so special care should be taken in handling and storing it. It is typically found in small quantities worldwide, but the famous pale blue specimens come from Madagascar.

Celestite is highly regarded as a powerful healing crystal and is revered for its divine energies and high frequency. It is primarily associated with the crown and throat chakras but is believed to stabilize all chakras. It is great for use in meditation, prayer, and astral travel, as it is claimed to open and calm the mind of its keeper/wearer and connect him or her to angelic realms. It is also an aura purifier. It is said to encourage mental clarity and calm during times of stress and promote harmony, love, gratitude, balance,  inner peace, and an overall feeling of bliss and confidence that everything will turn out okay. If you are the shy, fearful, or nervous type, wearing or keeping celestite with you as a companion gemstone may lend you courage, prompt you to give new experiences a chance, ease agoraphobia (fear of crowds), and enhance your relationships with other people. This makes it a particularly useful stone for public speakers, singers, actors and performers. If you need to make sense of your dreams, celestite is famous for its ability to improve dream recall, down to the details. If you could use some good fortune, try keeping it with you as a good luck charm. Celestite is also believed to aid the thought processes and communication, making it a useful ally for writers. Specifically, it may help one to recognize pertinent versus irrelevent information and organize or discard it accordingly, and then easily and effectively communicate the results. Pair celestite with clear quartz, larimar, sapphire, kunzite, or rose quartz to amplify its effects.

On a physical level, celestite is believed to send energy to the higher chakra organs and aid in the healing of cellular disorders, brain imbalances, and eye, ear, nose and throat ailments. Crystal healers also use celestite as a pain reliever and detoxifier, and assert that it can alleviate anxiety, stress, and obsessive behaviors.