Translucent and commonly transparent, but sometimes with a yellow hue, danburite is a quartz-like stone prized for many of its physical, spiritual, and emotional properties. Originally discovered in 1939, danburite gets its name from Danbury, Connecticut, the place where it was first found.  A relatively hard and resilient stone, danburite is often used in jewelry. It is commonly found in the United States, Mexico, Russia, Madagascar, Bolivia, Burma, and Japan. Despite the fact that there are many places where it can be found, it is no less popular amongst healers, jewelers, and collectors.

Aside from existing in a wide variety of places and being excellent for jewelry, danburite is often acclaimed as one of the highest vibration minerals that is readily accessible. It is said to stimulate the heart chakra. It is also believed that this stone will open the crown chakra. This stimulation of the heart chakra paired with the opening of the crown chakra gives it very special spiritual healing attributes. This mineral is thought to radiate pure love energy that will calm the spirit and relax the mind. Danburite is considered to be an excellent stone for academics and engineers as they may desire cohesion between mental and physical health. This cohesion of the mind and heart may aid in progress towards spiritual tranquility and enlightenment and may open new paths of finding spiritual knowledge.  The ability to reconcile your heart and mind is a very valuable attribute and even if it were the only purported attribute of this stone, that would be enough.

Danburite is thought to be capable of much more than the opening of the gateway between the heart and mind. This mineral is said to radiate pure love energy that will calm the spirit and relax the mind. Danburite may bring balance to you in various ways. It is believed to connect the mind with the heart and is often considered to be a karmic cleanser. By possibly uplifting the spirit, connecting the mind and heart, and reducing the everyday stresses of life, danburite is considered to be a very valuable stone. Acceptance of new people, places, things, and any other changes in your life may be made easier with danburite. Without even considering its other attributes, Danburite is thought to better ones outlook on life. Danburite is thought to relieve stress and worry so it may be the perfect stone for those in high stress positions. After a long, rough day danburite may help you to achieve a restful sleep and may also aid in lucid dreaming. Danburite is very much considered to be an important, well rounded stone for the average person. Very few people would argue that they couldn’t use better sleep, a more positive outlook, or improved synchronization between their heart and mind. Don’t let the simple appearance of this beautiful stone fool you– it is thought to have very important properties that could make your days and your life a whole lot easier.