“Dream quartz” is the trade name that was given to quartz specimens containing epidote and/or actinolite inclusions. It exhibits a hardness of 7 on the Moh’s scale. Within the quartz matrix, one might notice colors such as yellow, cream, pink, green and brown. This crystal is frequently tumbled and polished, in full or in part (resulting in a “lens” effect) for enhancement. This increases the keeper’s ability to see deep into the specimen’s internal “scape.” Dream quartz can be found in Colombia, and is relatively new and uncommon in the market and to healers.

Metaphysically, dream quartz is a very powerful crystal that may be able to help you with any unanswered questions you may have or give you some insight in the form of dreams while you sleep. Simply write down and/or ask aloud the question that is on your mind and place the stone and the question under your pillow before you lay down to sleep. Those who do this claim that they enjoy a deeper sleep where they experience healing dreams that also provide them the needed insight on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. They also claim that they experience protections from night terrors/nightmares and an improved ability to remember their dreams. All of the physical chakras should be activated by the frequency of dream quartz when one carries or wears the crystal, but particularly the crown chakra. This should allow the keeper to gain insight into the issues and areas affecting his or her life, as a result of the consciousness being opened up to higher dimensions. Dream quartz is also commonly used in meditation. If you choose to do so, you can expect your consciousness to travel to “inner worlds” in order to receive guidance and retrieve much needed answers. You may also discover past lives and encounter and connect to your personal “power animal.” In addition to all of these benefits, dream quartz is also believed to aid in the envisioning and manifesting of your dreams and the life that you truly desire to live, as well as assisting in the quieting of the little devil on your shoulder (negative thoughts). This allows for more room for positive thoughts and consequently an increased ability to view things in a positive light and treat ourselves with love and kindness.

As is the case with metaphysical healing benefits, the physical healing benefits that you can expect from dream quartz include the healing benefits of quartz plus of epidote and/or actinolite, depending on the inclusions that exist in the specimen in question. Quartz is considered to be a “master healer” crystal, meaning that it may provide some benefit to any condition. It is believed to stimulate the circulatory and immune systems, improve energy flow, and bring the whole body into balance. Epidote is known for aiding weight loss efforts as well as the nervous and immune systems. Actinolite is said to strengthen the functions of the body and bring them into balance and harmony.