One of the three precious opals, fire opal is primarily found in Mexico and is easily one of the most beautiful and unique stones available on the market today. Fire opal is not a particularly common type of opal and can come in a wide variety of colors, with different amounts of play in the color depending on the light and different grades based on the quality of the stone. Although it is a relatively soft stone, fire opal poses a challenge for jewelers because the manner in which it is cut has an enormous effect on the way it looks and the color that it shows. A jeweler has to determine the proper cut placement and cut type in order to show off the stone in the best possible way. This makes a nicely cut fire opal even more impressive. Also, opal is sensitive to temperature, making it susceptible to cracking if exposed to excessive or prolonged heat. No matter how you look at it, it is necessary to take care with this stone and you cannot deny the care taken when fire opal is cut properly and set nicely.

Fire opal is thought to be beneficial for the adrenal glands. This beautiful stone may also help women with pre-menstrual symptoms and possibly menopause. The kidneys may also benefit from this stone and thusly, it may help with increasing the flow of toxins out of the body. The stone is thought to also help to recharge energy deficits and restore the fire within you.

Not only likely helping with the flow of physical toxins out of the body, fire opal is also believed to help to flow emotional and mental toxins out of an individual. This release of the bad things in life helps to increase ones outlook and better endurance in life. Associated with the second chakra, fire opal aids in sexual healing and emphasizes the positive aspects of sexuality. The proposed assistance with the removal of negative energy is essential in the sexual healing aspect of the stone. The stone is thought to provoke fast, free flow of emotions that aid in strength and energy. This is essentially a washing away of the old to make room for the new. Being unencumbered with negative energy allows a person to focus more on the positive aspects of life and create new, strong bonds that better enable you to move forward in life, rather than focusing on the past. Fire opal is an excellent stone for those who are already active with a positive outlook on life but that does not mean that a person who wants help in those areas should pass it up. The stone’s noted abilities may apply to varied users in different ways. It may assist greatly with improving a dim outlook on life and helping to increase the activity level of its user. Fire opal may very well help to relight the spark that you once had before life brought you down.