Kunzite, a gem which has been known to us for just a little over a hundred years (since 1902, to be exact), is an eye catcher that is now enjoying its second renaissance, with its lovely delicate pink coloration. Depending upon which angle one views this crystal, however, it can also appear violet, colorless, or even light green. This trait of multicolorism is referred to as “pleochroism” in gemology. As is the case with many other gemstones, kunzite is named for the first person to find and/or describe it. In this particular case, the gemstone specialist in question was a George Frederick Kunz. The first specimen was discovered in California in the United States but, since then, this crystal has also been found in Madagascar, Brazil and Afghanistan. Kunzite is a type of spudomen that exhibits a Moh’s scale hardness of 6.5-7, which is quite good. Cutting it can be difficult, however, because it has perfect cleavage. It is quite easy to acquire on the market in a variety of pleasing cuts, and at an affordable price relative to size.

In the metaphysical world, you may often hear many people refer to kunzite as the “woman’s stone.” This is because it is famous for its alleged abilities to provide support for young, single and/or first time mothers and assist animal and human mothers alike in caring for their young, particularly if they are having a hard time of it. It is said to have a soothing effect on overactive children and sleepless babies and to make a wonderful gift for girls that are entering puberty, as it seems to encourage them to love and feel comfortable with their changing bodies. Kunzite also offers a range of benefits not specific to women. Its soft pink ray is believed to provide comfort and cleanse auric shadows. It may help children to adjust and function in life and relieve heartache due to separation or loss. On a practical level, it may calm nervousness before an exam or interview, ease tension and discourage road rage. In the workplace, it can serve as a protective stone in cases where superiors abuse their power or bring their personal issues to work.

In the world of physical healing, kunzite is often used by crystal healers to promote overall health and proper functioning of the female reproductive system. Specific female-related problems that it can address include hormone-linked migraines, puberty, PMS and menstrual cycle issues. However, kunzite is used to serve many other purposes in the medical field that are not female specific. It is believed to ease after-effects of amnesia, strengthen the heart and entire circulatory system, soothe joint pain, calm epilepsy, assist in recovery from the effects of emotional stress, and treat skin rashes, neuralgia, and a range of psychiatric disorders including depression. In addition, it may prove useful in radionic analysis.