Larimar, sometimes also called “Stefilia’s stone,” “dolphin stone,” “Atlantis stone,” or “blue pectolite,” can be found only in the Caribbean, in the Dominican Republic, in the province of Barahona. It is a rare variety of pectolite that is generally blue in coloration (despite its volcanic origins), but exists in white, light blue, deep blue and green-blue. Its famous typical sky blue color is unmatched among pectolites and forms as a result of copper being substituted for calcium. Larimar jewelry is considered to be a specialty of the Dominican Republic and is available to the public. Usually, larimar is set in silver, but if a particular specimen is high grade, it may be set in gold. If exposed to too much heat and light, this crystal’s blue color can fade over time, so proper care should be taken with this fact in mind.

Being a stone of the element of water, larimar is regarded as a crystal of calm and serenity. It is an excellent and effortless meditation stone, believed to put users into contact with, and facilitate communication with, beings from other realms. You may choose to use it as a “worry stone,” as it is renowned for assisting in overcoming fear. If you have a fear of hospitals, doctors, dentists, surgeries, or injections, try wearing it or keeping it with you before and during your appointment, for instance, and it may help to ease your fear and stress. Many mothers enjoy special benefits from larimar, as well. Keeping it with you from pregnancy onward may result in a healthy, stress free pregnancy, easier labor, a lower likelihood of post-partum depression, and an easier time dealing with the adjustment of a newborn in the household. Larimar is said to resonate with the throat chakra, making it a wonderful aid in communication and other activities related to the throat. It is used not only to make general communication more effective (clear, confident, and full of wisdom), but also to assist public speakers, actors, singers and the like in their careers. In addition to these benefits, this crystal seems to promote relaxation and a general feeling of “all rightness” or contentment with the world, calm excessive passion, cool down hot tempers, and alleviate hot flashes. Some claim that it is also useful in the search for a soulmate because it helps to heal past traumas, including ones that occurred in past lives.

In regards to physical healing, larimar has been used by crystal healers to  heal conditions of the throat and cartilage, dissolve blockages within the chest, neck and head, help constricted arteries and joints, aid in the practices of acupressure/acupuncture, calm emotional extremes (such as in the case of bipolar disorder), relieve illnesses related to stress and high blood pressure, fight infection and related fire element symptoms, and treat disorders of the skin including but not limited to psoriasis, eczema, hives and rashes.