“Mystic merlinite” is the trade name that was bestowed upon a powerful, magical stone found on a remote island residing in the Indian Ocean. It is attractive and arresting in appearance, with both black and white swirling into each other. A unique blend of quartz, feldspar, and other trace minerals come together to make this popular stone.

Mystic merlinite is associated with the element of water, the planet neptune, the astrologial sign of pisces and the third eye chakra. It is considered to be a stone of duality, as evidenced by its entrancing black and white appearance, and its name alone hints at its highly spiritual qualities. Indeed,  it is said to attract good luck and powerful magic into the life of any person who dares wear or carry it as a companion. Beware, however, because while it may provide benefits, it may just as well put you in touch with the darker parts of yourself that you have buried deep down in your subconscious. Merlinite is believed to allow us access to shamanic and spirit realms, as well as the Akashic Records. With merlinite as your aid, you will probably be able to tap into a higher level of spiritual energy and experience clearer psychic visions, coupled with improved psychic protection and intuition. You may have greater success in making contact and communicating with teachers and guides in higher realms. Many claim that memories of wizards and alchemists from the past are sometimes conjured. If you study the stone’s appearance closely, you will notice that the black or white portions do not end abruptly, but rather branch and blend into each other. This represents the same conclusion that we draw from the classic yin yang symbol: that dark and light are separate aspects of the same whole. In other words, even conflicting qualities within a person may be reconciled. We are reminded that good people make mistakes and vice versa. Thus, merlinite is also regarded as a balancing crystal which encourages equilibrium. Arguably its most valuable contribution to its wearer or carrier is self-awareness. People have said that the realizations that they have come to about themselves through the use of this stone have lead to a positive life transformation. Imagine being able to see yourself in an honest light, but in a way that is not critical. You might identify and change what is harmful, but at the same time have the wisdom to put into perspective and accept most of your qualities. You would find yourself at peace.

Merlinite has been used by crystal healers in the treatment of veins, arteries, and the skeletal structure. It is also said to encourage blood flow throughout the body and facilitate overall physical growth. Additionally, it may enhance flow and excretion in the lymphatic system and soften the effects of smoking and and the common cold. It is regarded as a cleansing stone.