Morganite, a form of beryl, is a relatively rare and subtley beautiful gem. Beryl is not particularly rare and comes in many varities; perhaps one of the most important and beautiful is Morganite. This beautiful gem was first discovered in good sizes on an island near Madagascar and was actually named after J.P. Morgan. Not originally called morganite, it was determined that the stone was special enough, even though part of the beryl family, that it need its own name.

Morganite is considered to be a great stone for jewelry due to its good hardness factor and the fact that people find it beautiful in a wide manner of ways. Some prize morganite for its clarity of color and light hues. Others find that they prefer brighter or more dramatic colorations and even still, others prefer a variety of colors with some inclusions in the stone itself. Morganite is found in a wide range of pinks, violets, and even delving into the range of orange, at times.

As its color would suggest, Morganite is thought to embody innocence and newness. Often analogous to the rising of the sun, morganite may allow simplicity and purity to rise within you. Morganite is considered to be a burden lifter; it communes with the heart chakra to heal old wounds. In addition to bolstering the spirit and clearing past trauma, morganite may assist in restoring feelings of happiness and warmth in you and those around you. On top of the assistance you may gain in dealing with past pains and emotional issues, you may come to realize the purpose behind the strife that you have endured with morganite. Morganite is thought to aid in your spiritual connection to the universe and by increasing this connection, your wisdom in matters of lifes journey may increase.

Morganite might be considered to be a magnet for one of, if not the, most important things in everyones life: love. This precious stone is thought to attract love, to increase the love you feel towards those whom you care about, and to allow you to feel love where there has previously been resistance. Wearing morganite is thought to aid in feelings of peace and confidence. Obviously, if you love and feel loved then it is likely you will be more confident and peaceful in life, anyway. With the usage of morganite may come better treatment from you to others. Being more loving to your fellow man, you may find yourself more willing to help those in need and may find more time for activities in the community that benefit the public.Some of us may feel that we have enough love in our lives or that we may not be capable, anymore, of loving. Morganite might just prove you wrong. There is always room for more love and wounds do heal with time– morganite might be just what you need to expediate the process.