“Rubellite” is a shocking pink or red tourmaline that behaves in a particular way in artifical light and daylight. This is to say, its color does not change depending on the light source, unlike many other gemstones. A true rubellite shines with equal intensity in daylight and artificial light. A red or pink tourmaline may be a rubellite, but not all red and pink tourmalines are, as most actually display a tinge of brown when exposed to artificial light. This stone is a rare example of inclusions being desired in a colored gemstone– only, however, if they are subtle and do not disturb the way light passes through the stone or make it appear milky or cloudy. Some noteworthy localities of rubellite include Brazil, Mozambique, Madagascar, Pakistan, Nigeria and the United States. They come almost exclusively from granite pegmatites. Rubellites are cut in various ways, depending on the intensity of the color of the particular specimen. They are probably among the most popular gemstones available on the market today. They tend to be found in vertically striated, prismatic crystals. Interestingly, heating or rubbing tourmaline can cause it to become electrically charged and form positive and negative ends. In the 1700s, dutch traders used it to pull ashes from their pipes. It exhibits a hardness of 7 to 7.5, a specific gravity of 2.9 to 3.3, a brittle tenacity, a vitreous luster, and can be transparent to opaque.

Metaphysically, rubellite is said to deter people from disputing your expertise, picking fights, pulling rank or otherwise being unreasonable. It is also used to neutralize any harmful effects of electronics such as microwaves or computers. These qualities make it a desirable stone to keep around in the workplace or the home. Rubellite also encourages love and the ability to understand love, and the creativity needed to express it. Carrying or wearing it it may cause you to become sociable and lively, but with necessarily flexibility and tactfulness. It can have an aphrodisiac effect, in that it could possibly enhance one’s perception of pheromones. If you feel as if you have become emotionally numb, rubellite might assist you in rediscovering your lost zest for life.

Rubellite has physical healing purposes, as well. Crystal healers say that it emanates the vibrational pattern of our hearts perfectly, influencing it with positive, nurturing energy. It may strengthen the blood, providing balance to the structures of the veins and blood vessels and facilitating blood circulation. Those who struggle with hysteria, paranoia, obsession and depression may benefit from keeping this stone with or against them. Rubellite is believed to soothe the nervous system. Rubellite is also claimed to balance the hemispheres of the brain, improve mental processes, assist those with dyslexia, support and repair the reproductive system, soothe motion sickness, restore shine and luster to nails and hair, and treat ailments of the spleen, liver, lungs, pancreas and digestive system.