Selenite is a type of gypsum that, with a Moh’s scale hardness of just 2, is very soft and often naturally cleaved into sheets or wands. Even a fingernail can easily scratch it. Because it is also rather flexible and tends to bend upon being subjected to gentle pressure, it is sometimes found in formations that resemble a ram’s horn. Selenite is generally colorless and transparent or translucent, but when it has inclusions, it may exhibit a pale tint and appear opaque. This is the case for “desert rose” formations.  It can be vitreous or pearly in luster. Selenite also goes by the names of “maria glass,” “sericolite,” “desert rose,” and “satin spar,” and is commonly found in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Japan, Europe and the United States. Its name derives from the Greek word meaning “moon.” Common locations include the United States, Europe, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Australia and Japan.

In the metaphysical world, selenite is primarily associated with the third eye and crown chakras, though it also resonates with the sacral chakra. It is regarded as a crystal of mental clarity. Wearing it, meditating with it and/or keeping it near is believed to enhance decision making abilities and mental flexibility, lessen disorientation and confusion, promote honesty and truth (and therefore healthy relationships and good business practice), bring one in tune with his or her intuition, and remove energy blocks within etheric and physical bodies as well as in the bodies of other stones and crystals. It is often used by crystal healers to clear and charge other crystals and enhance their properties. Selenite is also a type of “sweet angel stone,” which means that it may put its keeper in touch with spirit guides and angels who can be consulted for guidance. Additionally, this crystal is said to come in handy for those who would like an aid in their personal psychic efforts, as it may increase clairvoyance and allow people to access their past lives and do healing and other valuable past life work. Keeping this stone around the home may bring tranquility and peace to the environment and help to create a peaceful and safe space for the family. Selenite is also considered to be a protective stone, shielding people and environments from outside influences.

In terms of physical healing, selenite’s influence is believed to ease backache, slow the growth of tumors, ease the suffering for those who struggle with epilepsy, insomnia and ulcers, promote the health of the muscular and skeletal systems, help with symptoms of PMS and psoriasis, fight infection within the body, strengthen bones, and promote overall health and healing of the physical body. It may also heal and repair cells by reversing damaging effects of free radicals, help with issues stemming from mercury in dental work, and promote a healthy breastfeeding relationship between mother and child.